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Who is Whitcomb?
First, John Clement Whitcomb, Jr. is not closely related to me. (with Henry Morris, he wrote the creationist book "The Genesis Flood.") Nevertheless, I am a creationist who believes in the Biblical account of the Flood of Noah, as they do. I was one of the first to read their book in the 1960's; but my active involvement in creation science began in 2002, when I worked on the Evolutionary Boundary. This gave me direct experience with Darwin's idea of common ancestry, proving to me that his basic concept was wrong: Natural selection actually prevents any major biological change from taking place, even in a large population.
In 2003, I became involved in living pterosaur investigations and traveled, in late 2004, to Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea. There I interviewed many native eyewitnesses of the ropen, described like a Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaur. (I was hardly a tourist, being a professional forensic videographer who interviews witnesses on video.) I learned a little of the Tok Pisin language before leaving the U.S. but took an interpreter, nevertheless.
Whitcomb, 2004 expedition
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A few of the villagers of Opai, being videotaped by Jonathan Whitcomb in late 2004
He interviewed many eyewitnesses on Umboi Island, eyewitnesses of the glowing ropen.