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How living pterosaurs relate to Darwin's General Theory of Evolution
Live Pterodactyl
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Evolutionary Boundary
Theories & Philosophies related to live pterosaurs
Live Pterosaurs and Evolution
Live Pterosaurs & GTE
(Consider Whitcomb's position on GTE in
light of his theory "Evolutionary Boundary")
When objectively comparing the General Theory of Evolution with creation science concepts, it's easy to see that modern living pterodactyls fit better with creationism than with standard macro-evolution. Of course, a philosophy can explain away just about any scientific evidence; but why do I mention philosophy? The most popular part of Darwin's ideas closely relate to his basic philosophy: life on earth has no divine purpose but came into being naturally, evolving by natural processes. Darwin's scientific explanation for evolution has
long ago been proven incorrect; original Darwinism, however, did not die early in
the 20th Century, when his explanation for biological evolution was shown to be incorrect. Darwin's philosophy was too popular, so neo-Darwinism (mutational change) replaced the original Darwinism.
Jonathan Whitcomb
Copyright 2009 Jonathan D. Whitcomb
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